Transforming Your Workplace Leadership Series

In the Transforming Your Workplace Leadership Series, Don Jenkins of Leaders Advantage LLC, applies over 40 years of military and private industry experience coaching and training professionals to become effective leaders in the workplace. Good leaders can be the difference between a successful company and one that struggles; our leaders are on the frontline in developing and enhancing positive employee relations and ensuring improved performance. This five class series challenges participants to build strengths, deal with problems, and oversee the relationships and resources necessary to sustain a productive work environment.

Prescreen TestMH
Participants must complete a 10-15 minute online behavioral assessment before classes begin at The participants’ results will provide the bases for the curriculum of the five classes.

Transforming the Workplace I

Total Cost: $650
Includes: Online prescreen test – $95
Five Leadership Classes – $555

Class Order:

1) The Leader in You

A personality profiling system that will help you better understand yourself, your reaction to situations such as stress, time, communication, interpersonal relationships, and your preferred method of communication. In this session, a clear presentation will reveal “the leader in you”who you are, how you behave and what makes you tick.

2) Authentic Leadership

In a world seeking authentic leaders, this session will step you through the characteristics and qualities that have been exhibited over the ages by individuals who have effectively transformed people and organizations. Understand the meaning of leadership, how it applies to you, and what leadership looks like when you are at your best.

3) Essential Communications

Speaking with clarity, listening attentively and influencing others to accomplish the mission become the hallmarks of the effective communicator. In discussion, demonstration and participation, each individual will develop a method best suited for personally connecting and getting the message across to those he or she influences.

4) Situation Leadership

Combining your personal preferences with the diagnosis of team member readiness for a given task. You will understand and apply a different leadership style for each level of individual capability. From unable and unwilling to fully capable, a leader must adjust his or her style to lead team members into full, complete readiness and engagement. Using proven techniques developed by leading authors and educators, the leader will actually chart the steps to flow through the four levels of readiness.

5) The Leader as Coach

Once you understand your personal leadership preferences and style, a process to bring your team members along completes who you are as an authentic leader. Expectations and team alignment begin to occur as you invest in those whom you lead as coach.


Advanced Sessions

(Transforming the Workplace I – Prerequisite)

Transforming the Workplace II

Location: Greenville, SC
Total Cost: $555
Five Advanced Leadership Classes and materials

Transforming the Workplace III

Location: Greenville, SC
Total Cost: $555
Five Advanced Leadership Classes and materials