The Leader’s Challenge Workshop is a powerful leadership development experience designed to produce dramatic results. Our process has been proven to create “Team A” results through transformational alignment. Let our experienced professionals work with you and your team to begin this exciting journey

Equipped with a new understanding of one’s values, expectations, priorities, “hot buttons”and idiosyncrasies, the leader now draws the team into alignment; first to himself and then aligning the individual team members. This second step in the alignment draws the leadership of the organization more closely to one another, allowing for dynamic team synergy, precise alignment and focused results.

Course Description:

Day 1

Session 1: Aligning the Leader to Himself – “Looking in the Mirror”
Using the internationally acclaimed MyHardWired© personal profile, you will discover the leadership behaviors that make you who you are.

Session 2: Developing a Personal Leadership Philosophy
Create an organic document in which you describe your personal philosophy on leadership. Understanding how you lead and sharing that insight with those you lead changes everything!

Day 2

Session 3: Communications
Learn effective communication skills and apply them to your leadership style. Your message to others and the personal behaviors that affect communication will be discovered for you to apply.

Session 4: Resolving Conflict
This topic represents a constant challenge for leaders. Understand the sources of conflict and the five key strategies for resolving differences.

Session 5: Motivation
Getting to know and understand those whom you serve as their leader is paramount to effective leadership. Understanding relationship principles and applying them in the workplace will dramatically enhance the leader’s overall impact and the performance of the organization.

Day 3

Session 6: Productivity
Establish a game plan for effectively managing your tasks and goals. Understand and incorporate “high payoff activities” in everything you do.

Session 7: Time Management
Time management is the lynch pin of productive leading. Discover proven methods for managing not only your own day, but also the activities of those you lead.

Session 8: Goal Setting
In leadership transformation, just as in business, the bottom line is the bottom line. By using the S.M.A.R.T. format to incorporate goals at every level of your organization (as well as in your personal life) the final session in this workshop completes the stage for your dynamic, first-class results.