As a longtime student of leadership, I find the resources you provide vital to understanding how I function as a leader and to appreciate the uniqueness of other leadership styles. Over the years of study of leadership, I often found myself being caught up in trying to model my leadership after the style of others, therefore being frustrated with who I was by trying to become someone I wasn’t. The profile gave me a solid analysis of my own leadership style and caused me to realize that I should operate from the basis of how God had wired me rather than trying to “re-wire” myself. When you led us through the analysis of our profiles and demonstrated how our individual, unique profiles interacted, we all gleaned new understandings which, to this day, have greatly improved our communication and performance. I am very grateful for what we have learned about ourselves, about leadership, and about each other through this process.
I strongly recommend the profile and writing a leadership philosophy as essential to leadership development and growth. Thank you for your investment in my life and the lives of my colleagues.

Thomas “Mickey” Bowdon
VP for Christian School Education

After reviewing the results of MyHardwired Evaluation, I believe it has helped me three ways. One, it’s okay to be me. Two, in the effort to learn where I may best serve, MyHardwired helps me recognize my personalities, strengths and weaknesses. Three, it helps me recognize my perceived personality. The third area of understanding is important to know that my intended message was in fact received.

MyHardwired is my private coach helping me perform the best I can while serving others.

Jim “Jimbo” Coutsos
Palmetto Health, Employee of the Year 2009

I have known Don for many years and can comment authoritatively on his leadership abilities. Don, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, has worked closely with my office over the years as the board chairman of my service academy selection committees. Throughout my time working with him, Don has maintained a high degree of personal integrity along with flawlessly dependable work habits. With over thirty-five years of experience in the Navy’s nuclear submarine program, business, and industry Don has a proven reputation of excellence… I am confident that Don Jenkins and Leaders Advantage can provide timely and valuable assistance.

Joe Wilson
Member of U.S. Congress