Individual Leader Discovery – The Leader’s Core Design


Today’s leaders should focus on leading in concert with the way in which they are “hardwired” – that is to say, naturally designed. Many leaders ignore their hardwiring instead of learning to understand and make it work for them. Utilizing the internationally acclaimed MyHardWired™ assessment, Leaders Advantage reveals and analyzes the leader’s strengths, how the leader relates to others and how the leader acts or reacts under stress and pressure.

The goal of this process is for the leader to discover his or her own leadership qualities and characteristics and to align to them while formulating a Personal Leadership Philosophy (PLP) resulting in their own Leader’s Legend.
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Aligning the Team with the Future – Strategic Alignment


Equipped with a new understanding of one’s own values, expectations, priorities, “hot buttons”and idiosyncrasies, the leader now draws the team into alignment; first to himself and then aligning the individual team members to self and one another.

This second element becomes the strategic alignment of the the leadership team aligning with the direction of the organization more closely; first between one another, then allowing for dynamic team synergy, precise organizational alignment and focused results.

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A unified direction with the blueprint to execute – Synchronization


Finally, the team comes together to craft an organic map for the heart of the organization. This component of the process combines the compelling purpose, critical for helping all team members to understand “who we are”, “where the business is going”, “what we really stand for”,” how we are going to get there” and, “how each team member fits in the process” with the synchronization of this unified effort in executable form.

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