From the Office of the President:

The journey of the leader is the path least traveled. In my over forty years of leading others, courage, commitment and character reign supreme as the true hallmarks of trusted, authentic leadership. Maintaining the Judeo-Christian ethos is that path least traveled. It has not been an easy journey, but continues to be the most honorable and rewarding.

Look in the mirror. What do you see? In my years of experience with senior leaders there is a tendency to assume that our people understand who we are and how we lead. That is not the case. What I have enjoyed in consulting and coaching leaders, is the concept of a Personal Leadership Philosophy. I offer a simple, single challenge. Align yourself to the leader you actually are. At Leaders Advantage, LLC, we capitalize on this very principle. Discover first who you are and align yourself to that leader. Yes, it will be somewhat uncomfortable, but we whom you lead really need to know who you are, how you lead, your values, expectations, idiosyncrasies and “hot buttons”. If you will do this the entire organization will benefit. We will refer to this philosophy as The Leader’s Legend.

Lead through the alignment of self, self to team and team to the direction of the organization.


As you begin to understand this journey, allow us to lead you in Enterprise Alignment – uniting a compelling purpose which fosters an environment of trust and direction.

This is my passion. I am committed to “engaging the heart of the leader for the greater good of all”. This is not a simple journey, but is essential to your timely development as LEADER. At Leaders Advantage we are committed to your success and offer the solutions that transform individuals and ultimately transform organizations for success.

Join the Leaders Advantage in your personal leadership development and that of your organization.
Lead with courage,
Don Jenkins