Don Jenkins and Leaders Advantage

In conceiving Leaders Advantage, Don Jenkins committed himself to promote and develop outstanding leaders. Those who have been placed in a position of leadership must acknowledge the weight, exhilaration and complexity of this responsibility and must be challenged by the enormity of the calling. Those leaders who are the most effective and make the greatest impact will be those who are the most honest about their own qualities, whether strong or weak, and who act with integrity and authenticity. Don understands not only these principles, but also that clear insight and understanding must undergird these qualities; developing these qualities, however, can be an arduous task. Leaders Advantage was created with the intention of aiding today’s leaders in reaching a deeper and clearer level of insight in order to enable them to embrace personal authenticity with integrity. Through workshops, coaching and consulting based on extensive, proven expertise and the use of advanced behavioral profiling, Leaders Advantage strives to equip and enable the leaders of today and tomorrow. Our earnest desire is to imbue each leader with the essential qualities of Character, Courage and Commitment.

Leaders Advantage begins the journey in personal and professional leadership development with “the heart of the leader”, which engages and aligns each individual in serving at his or her highest level. The course of action then flows through alignment with each leader’s congregate, thus forming the nuclear core of the organization. Leaders Advantage then marshals the resources of the organization in establishing a strategic alignment which casts a clear direction in terms of Purpose, Value, Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives. Once these foundational steps are completed, the associates of Leaders Advantage guide the participants in areas of Balanced ScoreCard, Situational Leadership, Executive and Board Development, Talent Management and Organizational Fit, Form and Function. Starting with the first step in developing leaders, the simplicity and elegance of alignment that defines Leaders Advantage is merely a call away.